Granite Tiles for Countertops: Trending and Cost Cutting

Trending in Kitchen Design
Believe it or not, the kitchen is one of the places your family spends most its time! It used to look homely and warm, but now all the hinges on the cupboards are getting a little rusty, and that nice oaky tone that was once in style looks drab and old fashioned. A simple renovation can rejuvenate this room into one you are proud to invite people into. Older houses tend to have laminate countertops and dated cupboards. Learn how to spruce up your home with granite tiles for countertops and new cupboard doors. Both items are cost effective ways to ensure your new kitchen looks new and beautiful.
High Contrast
If you are hoping to wow your guests and make a bold statement, then why not go with the time tested, very chic, black and white look? Black granite tiles for countertops and white cupboards with chrome or silver-coloured accessories will be sure to turn heads. This look never gets old and has been popping up as a trend in interior decorating magazines for years! This sophisticated look can be toned down by adding plants, neutral colored mats, vases and accessories. If you are a trendsetter ready to start off your home renovations with a bang, high-contrast black granite countertops and white cupboards are for you.
Subtle Style
The sophistication of a black and white contrast kitchen can be altered for those hoping to make a more subtle change to their kitchen renovation. The common thread here is that if you buy granite countertops that are darker in colour, you should choose wooden cupboards that are lighter in colour and vice versa. The first step to deciding on a color palette is to look at granite stone colours. The coloured speckles that appear in this beautiful natural stone will guide your choice of hues to incorporate in all aspects of your kitchen. Granite can come in blackish tones, reds, oranges, whites, browns, greys, greens, and pinks. If you do not plan on renovating your flooring, you should aim to match a granite tile countertop color that compliments the hardwood flooring, laminate or the tiles you have installed. It may be best to get expert advice from the place you are looking to buy the granite tiles from, as they will have a great deal of experience serving other customers in similar situations.
Looking Chic, for Less
Granite tiles for countertops are significantly cheaper than using whole slabs and are a great option if you want to keep costs down. Another cost-cutting item to consider is to only replace the cupboard doors of your new kitchen instead of the whole unit. Then just paint the exposes areas to match your newly purchased doors. Lastly, shopping at yard sales and second-hand stores are a great place to find unusual accent pieces to hang on your wall or to add a bit of fun to your look. Just remember, it's your kitchen and the place where you spend time with your family, so choose items that accommodate your unique perspective!